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It's Official: Long to Replace Frank of the Ozarks

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Let's hope Pittsburgh Athletic Director Jeff Long takes it easy during any New Year's Eve celebrations he might attend. That's because he's slated to replace Frank Broyles as Arkansas' AD on Jan. 1., meaning his first official act as AD may be to watch the Hogs receive their annual bowl game ass-kicking. He may end up wishing he'd spent that time filling out insurance and other HR forms.

We're not opinionated one way or another about the hire, but we wish Long well. We were amused, however, by Wally Hall's minor fit about the lack of the lack of serious AD candidates with a Razorback background. "Maybe the new tradition is to hire folks for athletic positions who have never called the Hogs," he huffed in Sunday's column. "No offense to either [Long or Tulane AD Rick Dickson], but do they know anything about the history of the Hogs? Or the passion that once seized almost an entire state every Saturday in the fall?"

Don't worry, Mr. Long: Just publicly utter a few verses of Scripture, and Wally will be in your back pocket in no time.