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Danny Sheridan on Alabama, the SEC and Houston Nutt

You know Danny Sheridan? That guy who's always listing the odds for various things in USA Today and elsewhere? Well, it turns out he's based out of Mobile and is a pretty big Alabama fan.

A few weeks ago he sat down with Paul Finebaum of the Mobile Press-Register and shared his thoughts on the SEC in general and Alabama football. He's certainly not lacking for opinions - he's not shy about blasting the Mike Shula era and predicts Nick Saban to win a national championship for Bama in the next 3-4 years - which makes for an entertaining article.

He's also asked to rank the SEC coaches, and based on "building and sustaining a program" he lists Houston Nutt at #5...ahead of noted 'genuises' Urban Meyer and Mark Richt. I'm sure that alone will spark a discussion among Razorback fans.

Anyway, the whole article is worth reading. Check it out here:

Danny Sheridan's interview with the Mobile Press-Register

(and thanks to our embedded Alabama correspondent, George Talbot, for the tip on this article)