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Saturday Afternoon Hodge-Podge

* Today's Democrat-Gazette reports that University of Pittsburgh Athletic Director Jeff Long is a "leading candidate" to become the next AD at Arkansas. In 2004, Long hired former Miami Dolphins coach Dave Wannstedt to take over the Panthers' football team. Visit our always entertaining friends over at The Hog Blogger to see a picture of Wannstedt in all of his mustachioed glory. If Long voices a commitment to bringing such quality facial hair into the Razorbacks' athletic program, his candidacy will receive our highly coveted endorsement.

Darren McFadden SI cover

* Can Darren McFadden possibly do more on offense than he already does? Arkansas' coaches think so.

* Happy Belated Birthday: While performing some routine research for this blog the other night, one of our staff interns stumbled upon the fact that Dwight Stewart recently celebrated his 36th (!!) birthday on Sept. 2. As time rolls on, readers of this blog will become all too aware of the special place that Dwight has in our hearts. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Happy birthday, Sy Dog.

* Does the Wildcat - or the Wildhog … or whatever the frig it’s supposed to be called these days - seem to lack last year’s snap, crackle and pop? The fine folks at Razorbloggers can tell you why.