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Congratulations, Scotty


This is sort of old news, having originally been announced before we started this blog, but it's still worth mentioning that Scotty Thurman was inducted into University of Arkansas Sports Hall of Honor last weekend. He accepted with a sense of humor, thanking Dwight Stewart "for fumbling the ball so I could make history."

In addition to hitting the shot against Duke that, to me, is the single greatest Arkansas sports moment of my lifetime, Scotty provided fans with a list of classic plays too lengthy to list here. From his very underrated freshman season (when he practically carried the team while Corliss was injured for a long stretch) to his clutch shots in the '95 tournament, he helped define the winningest era of Razorback basketball. Simply put, when the ball was in his hands (especially at the end of the game), you just knew good things were going to happen.

I'm not sure what took so long for him to receive this honor, but from us at RazorbackExpats, congratulations Scotty and thanks for the memories.