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Tuesday Evening Hodge-Podge

art by Mark Taliaferro* Spoiler alert: played out the entire college football season on NCAA Football '07 and has determined that the Razorbacks will finish #4. That's #4 in the nation. Plus, D-Mac will win the Heisman and Arkansas will rack up an impressive win in the Fiesta Bowl. I just hope that your knowing this doesn't ruin the enjoyment of watching it all happen.

* Looking for in-depth analysis of what went right and wrong on Saturday? The folks at the RazorBloggers Network have broken it all down for you.

* Looking on some perspective on how the SEC is looking after the first week? Check out the HogBlogger's week 1 power poll.

* In the 'pretty damn cool' department (and if thinking this is awesome makes me a nerd, then so be it), the Northwest Arkansas Times' Mark Taliaferro has created a series of four mock comic book covers featuring Peyton Hillis (above), Marcus Monk and a couple of running backs you might have heard of. They're all great...check 'em out here.