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A Few Words About *That*

from ESPN.comWe haven't really written about the Mitch Mustain situation since starting this blog, mainly because that's last year's news and we're all about being positive and looking forward (editor's note: well, some of the time). But, after the underwhelming aerial attack against Troy we figured it was time to weigh in.

We're not sure if our expat status helps us or hurts us here, but from where we sit, this seems like one of those fun cases where there's plenty of blame to go around. Anyone who says otherwise is probably oversimplifying things. More to the point, this seems like a situation where both parties actually wound up worse off than they were before.

From the Arkansas side, yeah, Mitch wasn't particularly impressive at QB when he played last year, but we need all the arms we can get at this point. And from Mitch's side...well, if he gets a lot of playing time at USC we'll be surprised. This is a guy who was afraid to compete against Casey Dick for the Hogs' starting QB job so he transfers to USC? Those guys sign high school all-Americans like Houston Nutt sends text messages. Maybe he's like a lot of college students and just wanted to live further away from his mom.