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Prediction Time


Here at RazorbackExpats, our vast legion of assistants has spent virtually every second of the last few weeks pouring over game films, crunching numbers and sneaking into practices all across the Southeastern Conference - all in the service of helping us compile our predictions for the Razorbacks' 2007 season. Let's take a moment to thank them for their amphetamine- and Red Bull-fueled efforts. Now, on with the prognostications.

We know we're taking a risk here, but we're going to assume that the Hogs will win their four non-conference games. We're also pretty confident that Arkansas will win both of its contests against the SEC's Mississippi schools.

The first conference game of the year — on the road against Alabama — scares us. It will be nice guy Nick Saban's home SEC debut, and the Crimson Tide players and their fans are sure to be insanely jacked up. Still, we're cautiously predicting that D-Mac and the fellas will bring home a victory. We're also picking the Hogs in their Fayetteville tussles with Kentucky and South Carolina.

However, the Auburn, Tennessee and LSU games strike us as losses. That puts the regular season record at 9-3 and keeps us out of the SEC championship game in Atlanta.

As for what bowl game that puts us in, we haven't the foggiest idea. If we've learned anything over the years, though, it's this: Arkansas will lose its bowl game, likely in rather embarrassing fashion. It just wouldn't feel like the holidays otherwise.

So, there you go: 9-4. Thoughts?