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Saturday Afternoon Hodge-Podge

* Technically it's still the offseason, so why not continue the trend and squeeze in some more off-field drama while there's still time? Marcus Harrison is suspended after being arrested on a felony drug charge.

* Some dude from South Carolina is calling out Darren McFadden. That's smart.

* Since when did Arkansas become such fertile recruiting ground for USC?

* The dream of having an AD named "Terry Don" is now dead.

* An early preview of the Troy game...and not a particularly optimistic one.

* The Hogs' passing game will be led by a couple of Dicks this year. Literally.

* Add another one to your collection of D-Mac YouTube videos.

* This bodes well for our chances in Tuscaloosa in a few weeks...Leigh Tiffin is closing in on Alabama's starting kicker job.