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Chasing the Dream

Sunday's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported that former Razorbacks Clint Stoerner, J. J. Jones, Chrys Chukwuma and Anthony Brown have received invitations to the newly formed All American Football League's training camp in Tampa, Fla. The players received the invites after working out, along with more than 200 other hopefuls, for league officials on Saturday at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock.

Should any of the four make the grade at training camp, he will then be assigned to the roster of Arkansas' yet-to-be named AAFL team, which will play in Little Rock. The season is scheduled to begin next spring.

The AAFL sounds like an interesting concept, and we certainly wish it well. But, I must admit that I often find it depressing to read about former Razorback football and basketball stars toiling in minor pro leagues years after their collegiate glory. I have to wonder if they are still chasing their dreams of playing in the NFL or the NBA - or if they just don't know what to do with the rest of their lives.