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Saturday Afternoon Hodge-Podge

Razorback-related news to read while putting off those weekend chores:

* One lawsuit is dismissed, another begins. The circle of life.

* Former Razorback basketball star and current Denver Nuggets broadcaster Scott Hastings recently had an epiphany during a helicopter ride. He also says it may be time to point the white-hot glare of the media spotlight firmly on NBA officials.

* Click here and here for a look at how Arkansas and LSU are dragging two-a-days into the modern era.

* The Associated Press' Preseason Top 25 poll is out. USC is No. 1, the Hogs No. 21. I realize that by posing this question on a new blog with a limited audience, I may be inviting the massive sound of crickets chirping, but what's your take on the Hogs' ranking? Too high, too low, or just right?