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Not That We're Superstitious, But...

Ok, that's a lie - we are superstitious, at least when it comes to the Razorbacks.

So when we see Darren McFadden on the cover of Sports Illustrated, as much as we know it's a good thing for recruiting, his Heisman pursuit and the general perception of the program (not to mention our nerdy excitement over this sort of thing) we get a little nervous. After all, there is a famous cover jinx and we all know what happened right after the last time the Hogs were on the SI cover.

Sports Illustrated, 8/20/07 Sports Illustrated, 4/3/95

So let's all enjoy the article and the attention, but be sure to keep some positive Razorback thoughts pointed in the right direction. And if D-Mac breaks his ankle climbing out of his enormous car, then we know who to blame.