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Game Predictions: Arkansas vs. Missouri

We could not contain The Battle Line Rivalry Presented By Shelter Insurance® to just one week.

NCAA Football: Missouri at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Hogs and Tigers are kicking off today at 11:00 am on the SEC Network. Here’s how the game’s going to go.

BEN: You aren’t going to like it. I sure don’t, but I am going with my gut on this one. The Hogs are going to lose to Missouri yet again. I don’t have stats or inside info to back it up. Strictly a gut pick here. Missouri 31, Arkansas 24

LUKE: Losing to a team that frequently wields “Little Brother” Energy is exhausting, and I hope we’ve put all that to bed. I expect Barry Odom’s guys to play their tails off for their coach, and I expect the offense, even with losing Rakeem Boyd (go get ‘em, #5!), to do enough to take this game. Arkansas 27, Missouri 19

JACOB: It’s possibly the last regular season game of the season, and I surely wouldn’t pick against the Hogs, right? I’ve gone back and forth this week and I was picking against them until I realized they have been off and should be healthy and at full strength against their rival Missouri. Arkansas big play potential could overwhelm the Tigers. However, the Tigers’ run game is stout and could have success against the Razorbacks. I believe the first to 40 points wins and I’m picking the Hogs! Arkansas 41, Missouri 38