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Game Predictions: Arkansas vs. LSU

Give us that Boot.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The Hogs and Tigers are kicking off today at 11:00 am on the SEC Network. Here’s how the game’s going to go.

LUKE: There are soooo many unknowns about this game that it’s really hard to have a great feel for how it’s gonna turn out. On one hand, the Razorbacks are going to be without some players, due to quarantining, and we have no idea who or how many. On the other hand, LSU hasn’t played in three weeks, and it’s not like they’ve spent the whole time focusing on this game. Also, the last time we saw them, they got trounced by Auburn, whom the Hogs beat* earlier in the season. Going by the general trend of both teams’ seasons, I’m taking the Hogs. Arkansas 35, LSU 26

BEN: This one should be wild. LSU has played the weakest schedule so far in the SEC. Both teams have some COVID issues. The weather is not supposed to be good, but I don't think that will matter. I’ll take the Hogs in a close one. Arkansas 31, LSU 27