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SEC POWER Rankings: Filing Into Place

With a fourth of the season complete, the order is becoming increasingly clearer.

Alabama v Mississippi Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Conference games make it easier to see where each team falls compared to their cohorts. This can only mean chaos is to ensue. For now, here is where they stand:

  1. Alabama (3-0)- After being down 21 and coming back to win, you want to say that the Tide was lucky. But, if you watched the game you know differently. You also learned that as soon as quarterback Jalen Hurts learns to throw a deep ball, Alabama might not lose for four years.
  2. Texas A&M (3-0) - Winners of the aptly named Anxiety Bowl versus Auburn, the Aggies look like a completely different team from a year ago. Hopefully, that carries over to next week and they forget how to beat Arkansas.
  3. Arkansas (3-0) - Halfway to bowling! Honestly though, it was refreshing to beat Texas State like the Hogs should, no worries, stress or absurdities, unless of course you don’t count only playing a 55 minute game.
  4. Florida (3-0) - The easiest stretch of games is over for the Gators. All they have to show for it is three wins (good) and an injured starting quarterback (bad). Off to Knoxville next week where things could get real weird.
  5. Tennessee (3-0) - Be done with trying to explain how/why the Vols do what they do to win games against lesser teams. It doesn’t make sense.
  6. Ole Miss (1-2) - What’s your favorite 21-point lead blown this season? First half Ole Miss would be the No. 1 ranked team in the country, having defeated two top-5 teams. This team could be so good if Hugh Freeze would ever veer from a game plan his opponent has solved
  7. Georgia (3-0) - The Dawgs narrowly escaped Columbia, MO with a win, and they’ll be back on the road in front of a raucous crowd looking for a good feeling once again in Oxford, MS next Saturday. Quite the welcoming party for freshman quarterback Jason Eason...
  8. LSU (2-1) - Leo Fournette was back in form going for 147 rushing and two TDs, but going on the road to a hungry-for-anything-positive Auburn team will not be easy next week.
  9. Mississippi State (1-2) - The Bulldogs gave a valiant effort, down 17 with five minutes remaining in the game and pulling within three only to come up short in Baton Rouge.
  10. Auburn (1-2) - The Tigers lose their seventh straight home game against FBS opponents. That’s worse than Kansas (6), SMU (6) and UNLV (6) and only better than Colorado (10). This is not the sort of company you want to keep on the Gus Bus.
  11. Missouri (1-2) - It’s never easy to lose, but some losses are worse than others. Like the ones where you lead for a majority of the fourth quarter and blow it in the last 90 seconds.
  12. South Carolina (2-1) - Beating East Carolina was no easy task for the Gamecocks after building and early lead. However, beating the Bucs, a squad notorious for upsets, is good for morale.
  13. Vanderbilt (1-2) - The worst part of losing to Georgia Tech is that it gives more ammo to ACC fans who want to argue that the ACC is comparable to the SEC. Despite the fact that Vandy is far from mediocre in the SEC.
  14. Kentucky (1-2) - The Wildcats earn a much needed win over New Mexico State. Of course, which one of them isn’t “much needed” in Lexington?