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Arkansas Razorbacks News: Josh Williams' Recovery, Impact Freshman, and Basketball in Spain

Plus how the Razorback basketball team is doing in Spain.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

The story of Josh Williams' recovery is one of the most remarkable ones not just in college football but probably all of sports. After breaking his leg against Tennessee last year there were some serious doubts about his ability to walk again, much less play football. Williams is back with the team and you can read about what coaches have to say about his role this year. Having Williams back in any capacity will help out the leading linebackers Dre Greenlaw and Brooks Ellis, even if its more of a depth filling role.

Now that the full team has been in fall camp for a while now the coaches can better assess how the newcomers fit into the team. Here you can read some of the thoughts from the coaches about six different freshmen who are the most likely to get some major minutes this season. Obviously the big names like McTelvin Agim and Devwah Whaley are there but some other skill position guys could get shots as well.

Team Speed Kills had an interesting look at how SEC coaches can overperform and underperform in certain situations. Bret Bielema is really not standing out in any of the major categories they looked at, and it includes his time at Wisconsin, so those first couple years at Arkansas where he was building the program from the ground up might be dragging those numbers down a little.

A couple quick updates on some former Razorbacks trying to make an impact in the NFL. Both Martrell Spaight and Alex Collins have been impressing for the Redskins and Seahawks. Spaight is coming off a lost season due to concussion issues but is fitting in well. Collins is taking advantage of an injury filled depth chart in Seattle to make the most of his minutes.

Mike Anderson's squad has now played two exhibition games in Spain, the first was a close loss, the second, which is recapped here, was a monstrous win featured by an alley oop from Adrio Bailey. A lot of players got some good minutes and you can look at the box score to see what newcomers could be making a difference.