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Andrew Benintendi Gets Call To Join Boston Red Sox

Benny Baseball's headed to The Show.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

As recently as last June we all saw Andrew Benintendi playing in the College World Series for the Razorbacks. Less than 14 months later, he’s going to play in the majors for the Boston Red Sox according to the Boston Herald.

Benintendi has been playing for Boston’s AA club, the Portland Sea Dogs (the best team names are in the minors), for just 63 games. He batted .295 and hit 8 home runs in those games.

Arkansas’ Golden Spikes Award winner from last season has made a quick impression as a pro, widely regarded as one of, if not the, best prospect in baseball. He’s gotten the attention of some of the Red Sox’ biggest fans:

That's an extremely quick rise to The Show. Benintendi's buzz made him popular among the MLB trade deadline rumor mill, but the Red Sox held firm and bringing him along quickly.