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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - Which Hogs Are Competing In The Olympics?

The Olympic Trials have been good for former and current Hogs.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Fourth of July! While enjoying some burgers, fireworks, or whatever you do to celebrate America with, check out the Olympic Trials. They are extremely patriotic and have some current and former Hogs doing big things. After some big performances in Eugene, a bunch of Hogs are back to qualify for Rio. In addition to that a handful are trying to make it in Jamaica. Here is a good central spot for all of the info of who is running, who is qualified and what is left to come.

KNWA has had some pretty robust coverage of the Olympic Trials, including yesterday's big day in Eugene. Four Razorbacks punched their tickets to Rio in a variety of different events. Established names like Tyson Gay and Veronica Campbell-Brown are adding to their olympic appearances. Jerrion Lawson qualified for the Long Jump after a monumental jump that blew a way his NCAA Championship mark, then Taylor Ellis-Watson's personal best put her in the 4X400 pool, one of the most competitive spots on the US team.

They also have a good piece on the career of Wallace Spearmon, and how this Olympics is the chance to get what has been the one thing that has eluded him in his career, an olympic medal. He has to clear two obstacles before getting that shot, first is this week in Eugene. Arkansas already has a handful of runners heading to the Olympics, and Spearmon making it might be the most emotional one.

ESPN had an interesting couple of pieces regarding recruiting recently. It by no means is groundbreaking, but they broke down which states do the best at producing SEC commits at each position for both offense and defense. The first thing that jumps out is the importance of recruiting Florida and Georgia. Its no shocker but they blow away the other SEC states in commits. From an Arkansas point of view there is a pretty good amount of talent coming into the SEC at the Tight End and Running Back positions. There is a major struggle at the defensive positions, the state is near the bottom with Kentucky in most defensive and athlete positions. This really shows the need for Arkansas to get out to those states and recruit hard, something that Bret Bielema has done in his time here, and it's also something the satellite camps will help with.