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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - The Freaks Come Out

Plus how have previous Arkansas coaches done in year 4?

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Last year Arkansas put out a video of football players maxing out in the weight room and it went viral, it was the start of a tradition that strength coach Ben Herbert started called, "Sun Goes Down, Racks Go Up, Freaks Come Out." For year two an even bigger video came out and its, well, freaky. A couple things stand out to me in this video. First, Herbert is insane, and is about as good of a strength coach as you can find. Second, this is a brilliant recruiting move, a couple of recruits have already mentioned how the video has caught their eye.

As the 4th season of the Bret Bielema era gets started, let's take a look at how other coaches have done with the Hogs in year four. It's a pretty mixed bag, especially recently. Bobby Petrino had his best season with the Hogs going 11-2, while the Right Reverend had a 7-5 season and a Cotton Bowl birth. Lou Holtz's 4th season didn't live up to expectations and Frank Broyles made it all the way to the Sugar Bowl. The precedent from previous coaches is all over the map, and some of Arkansas' most well known names have had good times and bad in year four.

One thing Bielema has always done well is have a lot of good running backs. Whether at Wisconsin or Arkansas he seemingly always has had multiple guys step up. This season, with a question mark surrounding the position, Bielema is still confident in his stable. After talking to Edward Aschoff, he has a lot of high praise for multiple guys. Kody Walker and Devwah Whaley could be the main two guys, but with Raleigh Williams coming back from injury, Duwop Mitchell coming into the fold, there are a lot of options at running back.

Another team preview is out. The Orlando Sentinel is ranking the top teams as we count down to football season kicking off. They have the Hogs just outside the top-25 at No. 32, and you can check out the preview here.

If you still want your basketball fix, then check out Dudley Dawson's feature on new Hog Daryl Macon. He is going to be asked to make an impact for the Hogs right off the bat, and he instantly feels at home with the Hogs. The trip to Spain and the exhibition games that come with it will give a glimpse of how much of an impact he will be asked to make.