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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - Preseason All-SEC Teams and Charting Playcallers

Plus, future basketball rosters are shaping up.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

With SEC Media days comes the preseason predictions and lists, which includes the Preseason All-SEC Teams. Arkansas is pretty well represented, Dan Skipper is the lone first team selection and had the second most votes for any offensive lineman. No second team selections but Drew Morgan, Jeremy Sprinkle and Detrich Wise all found themselves on the third team. No sight of Brooks Ellis who is one of the bigger snubs from this list despite the insane depth the conference has at linebacker. One more thing of note is no one, not even Leonard Fournette was a unanimous pick, which means the last player to do that was still Darren McFadden. has come up with an interesting list of top-20 charts they have made this offseason, which includes the best coaches at red zone play calling and third down play calls. It is interesting to see the how the different offensive and defensive styles tend to be at the top of different categories. Dan Enos is the lone hog to be found, as one of the nation's best third down play callers.

We already have talked about the great summer Bobby Portis has been having in Las Vegas. Turns out, he wont be the only former Razorback in the league's final game. Coty Clarke will be on the other side of the court as part of the Minnesota Timberwolves summer team. The final is tonight on ESPN2, so it's your last chance to see how Portis has been turning heads of a lot of NBA pundits this summer.

The committment of Khalil Garland was a huge get for Mike Anderson. Now he has the three biggest names from Arkansas in the 2017-18 class, but that also sets up very nicely for that season. Jimmy Carter broke down what that means for the roster that year and it has a lot of potential. Obviously that is a long ways off and the past has shown there can be all kinds of roster changes, but if all falls into place then the Hogs could have a lot of senior leadership, ball handling and length. Those three things are critical for what Anderson wants to do and it is all coming together that year.