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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - MLB Draft Recap, Track, and Football's Must Win

What game do the Hogs absolutely, positively must have?

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If you haven't read our MLB Draft preview, to recap, We a few current hogs and current commits would get drafted and not come back to the program. Six current Razorbacks got drafted, Zach Jackson and Clark Eagan are the high profile names who are likely gone. Dominic Taccolini was drafted by the Blue Jays and could return. Carson Shaddy and Luke Bonfield were both eligible and went undrafted so they will certainly be back. Commits Ben Rortvedt and Cole Stobbe were both drafted early and will likely go pro, but those are the only two that are likely to not make it to Fayetteville. So overall the draft was kind to Dave Van Horn.

This past week was huge weekend for Razorback Track. Jarrion Lawson had a record setting day and the women's team took home their first outdoor title. We've covered those here and here, and there are still some great individual stories from the meet. After his record breaking performance, Lawson is now the favorite for the Bowerman Award, which is Track's equivalent to the Heisman Trophy. The award will be announced late in the year but voting will close next month so the #JLawForBowerman campaign is in full force.

The other story is South African's Dominique Scott. Read more about her successful career with the Hogs here. She ended it in a huge way, with the final race of her collegiate career she clinched the team title for the Razorbacks with a win in the 5,000 meters. Next up for Scott is training for the Olympic Games in Rio. She will join plenty of current and former Razorback track athletes from multiple countries there this summer.

What is the most critical game for Arkansas Football this year? Clearly every SEC game is going to be huge, but according to ESPN, that must win game is going to be the Texas A&M game. They are doing the series with every SEC team so check that out if you are interested. From the Hogs point of view it makes the most sense to win this game. The past two seasons Arkansas has been agonizingly close to beating the Aggies but haven't gotten over the hump. Doing that this season would be the set up for a big year for them,