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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - Running Backs, Big 12, and Basketball Coaching Salaries

Plus Jeff Long shuts down Garth Brooks.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The SEC is known for producing running backs, and Arkansas is among the best in the conference in doing so. ESPN posted a list of the five best running backs of the past decade. Not surprising is that Darren McFadden is at the top of the list, but Alex Collins sliding into the "just missed the cut list" might raise a few eyebrows. Collins had a fantastic career with Arkansas but it's interesting to see he already fits in with a great class of running backs like Todd Gurley and Marcus Lattimore.

Big 12 Expansion is starting to look more and more likely with the conference probably adding two random teams for the purpose of adding large TV markets (i.e. Colorado State or Cincinnati). Garth Brooks said on a radio show that Arkansas should ignore all of that SEC money to join the conference. Jeff Long took to twitter to respond to the suggestion and did so in the most Jeff Long way possible. With a dad joke.

It's a great light-hearted response, but we need someone to teach him about emojis.

Still thinking about spring practice? If you're wondering who raised their stock this spring then check out this article. It is good to see that two offensive lineman have stepped up this spring to fill the holes left by Sebastian Tretola and Denver Kirkland. The success of the offense last year was largely due to the consistency of the offensive line. How quickly the new guys improve could determine this upcoming year's success.

We've already got you covered on the reshuffling of the basketball staff. Here you can see the salaries of the assistants for this year. The salaries for all the assistants comes in at just under $750,000. Something of note is that Melvin Watkins is the only one on a multi-year deal. I admittedly don't know if that is standard procedure for college basketball but it is interesting to see most assistants are on a year by year basis.