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Former Diamond Hog Signee D'Vone McClure Joins the Razorback Football Program

Welcome D'Vone McClure to Fayetteville, everyone.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

D'Vone McClure eventually wound up in Fayetteville, just not how he or anyone else initially thought.

The Jacksonville native originally signed with Dave Van Horn and the Arkansas baseball program in 2012, but decided to opt out to pursue his dream of playing professional baseball. The Cleveland Indians snagged him in the fourth round of the draft and, along with wanting to go after what he had always wanted, signed a sizable deal with the club.

Four years later, and after hitting .219 in the minors, McClure has moved on. And he's landed in Fayetteville, finally, with Bret Bielema and the Arkansas football program as a walk-on wide receiver.

McClure is 22 and the age of most seniors or fifth-year guys, but because he didn't sign and come to Arkansas in the first place, has all of his eligibility, meaning aside from BYU and its players, the Razorbacks will likely have one of the oldest players in college football, which is neat and interesting.

He's also got a good relationship with defensive back Kevin Richardson, who earned himself a full ride last fall after walking on the team. Richardson says he can't blame his friend for going after a pro baseball career and the money that came along with it. As my guy Danny West lays out here, McClure will join what is expected to be one of the SEC's best group of wideouts.

Something Razorback fans – and Bielema also – will like is his size. He's 6-3, 195 – a good frame for a receiver. He was released by the Indians on April 4, so this month must have been a whirlwind for him. Nonetheless, welcome to Fayetteville, D'Vone.