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Lorenzo "Doobie" Jenkins Transferring From Arkansas Basketball Program

Fare the well, 2015 Arkansas basketball recruiting class.

Arkansas announced Monday morning that true freshman Lorenzo "Doobie" Jenkins will leave the program.

Jenkins played in just one game last season, against Northwestern State for seven late minutes in Arkansas' 117-78 win. He hit a three, grabbed two rebounds, and registered one assist.

The departure means Arkansas will have nobody remaining from the 2015 recruiting class next season since Jimmy Whitt has already transferred, Willy Kouassi was a senior graduate transfer, and Ted Kapita never made it to campus.

It's certainly not a good look for Mike Anderson's program, but while Whitt's transfer is certainly problematic, I think the Jenkins transfer is a good sign for the program. Jenkins was a late signee mainly used to fill a spot for practicing. It was a bad sign when Anderson signed him last year, and the fact that he's transferring, which opens up another spot for Arkansas to fill this spring, is a good thing.

Now it's up for Anderson and his staff to find a replacement. They have two open scholarships as of right now, and that number could grow if they want to put Manny Watkins back to walk-on status or if another player leaves.