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Throwback Thursday: Arkansas Defeats Florida in the Bluebonnet Bowl 1982

It's been a long time

The last time (only time) Arkansas has beaten Florida in football was 1982 in the Bluebonnet Bowl.  It was New Year's Eve 34 years ago.  Believe it or not, I've got game footage.

Arkansas started the game strong with a fumble recovery and quick touchdown to take the lead 7-0.  The game quickly turned against the Hogs with the Gators leading 17-7 at half.

The Hogs were able to score again in the 3rd quarter, but the Gators answered.  Heading into the 4th quarter, the Hogs were down by 10.

Arkansas shutout the Gators in the 4th quarter and scored 2 touchdowns to win the game 28-24.

If you only read the above description, this game doesn't seem that exciting, but Arkansas has a wild end around on a double fake, that pays off into a triple fake and Touchdown throw in the 2nd half.  Florida's QB, Hewko, makes some tremendous passes with lots of pressure from Billy Ray Smith and the Arkansas Defense.  I'm not kidding Hewko looks like Tyler Wilson playing for Arkansas in 2012.  Danny Walters recovers a fumble and picks off a run pass play ran by the Gators.  Gary Anderson won the bowl MVP off of some pretty shifty running.  It's a pretty interesting game.

Probably a lot more interesting if you were there, but I'll be honest I came into this week thinking I wasn't going to be interested in doing a Throwback Thursday for this game.  My head is all full of Florida games that should've been wins.  I wasn't around in the Lou Holtz years, but I figured out pretty quickly as I watched that video, that you guys might like it too.

I remember when I was in band, and they would bring the honorary captain out onto the field.  It was traditionally someone that I had never heard of who had a whole slew of Arkansas highlights, but hearing about the accomplishments of those teams and players really got me inspired even if we were playing direction Missouri University that week.

I'm a fan of the Hogs today, tomorrow, 34 years ago, and 34 years from now.  If this isn't the year we beat Florida, and I have to wait another 34 years, then so be it.

But we're due right?