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Arkansas Releases Razorback Stadium 75th Anniversary Video

What's your favorite Razorback Stadium moment?

The Razorbacks began playing football in Razorback Stadium in 1938, and Arkansas today reminded all of us that this year marks the 75th anniversary of the stadium. Technically, this will be the 76th season of football to take place in the stadium, but seeing as how last year doesn't count, it all fits perfectly.

Arkansas released a pretty amazing video (watch it at the top of the page) today to begin commemorating what will probably be some sort of year long celebration, which means we'll probably get Razorback Stadium highlights during Fayetteville games throughout the year similar to how they promoted War Memorial Stadium's 60th anniversary a few years back.

So what are the moments you look forward to reliving? Upsetting #1 Texas in 1981? Bulldozing Alabama 42-6 in 1998? Tearing down the goalposts after beating Tennessee in 1999? Hanging out with the GameDay crew and destroying the Vols in 2006? Watching Darren McFadden set an SEC record against South Carolina in 2007? Joe Adams' punt return against Tennessee in 2011?

Lord knows there are plenty more. What's your favorite?