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KNWA Produces Hour Long Bret Bielema Special

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KNWA sports anchor Adam Alter and crew traveled to Bielema's hometown to make "From the Hog Farm to Head Hog".

Jonathan Daniel

Kudos to Adam Alter and the crew at KNWA's Razorback Nation for making this all-access special in an effort to find out how Bret Bielema became Bret Bielema.

It's very authentic, with the Arkansas crew traveling in December to Bielema's hometown of Prophetstown, Illinois and interviewing several of Bielema's family members and friends from his upbringing. We see the now-famous pig farm he grew up on as well as his high school football field. We see Bielema discussing many of the most important events of his life from his childhood up through his time in Wisconsin. Iowa legend and Bielema mentor Hayden Fry is interviewed as well as Frank Broyles.

Shockingly, Barry Alvarez did not participate.

On television, the show runs for an hour, but you can watch it on KNWA's website in six video clips that total approximately 40 minutes. This is the only way you'll get to see it if you're outside the NBC affiliate's viewing area. If you are in the area and want to watch it on television, it will re-air on Fox24 on February 24th at 5:00 pm.