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The Decision: Penn State Edition

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Even though it left a stain on LeBron James that may never be completely removed, there's no denying that The Decision was one of the most infamous moments in recent sports history. It largely shaped the way both die-hard and casual fans felt about the NBA for two years running. So why not make it a series? Like 30 for 30? It just so happens, we've got nearly 100 football players from Penn State facing, yes, a decision. Do they stick with the program they've been playing for/committed to, or do they pick a new program, any program, since their preferred program is now rubble?

I think it could be the highest rated college football program of the year. What college football fan wouldn't watch? This is how I see it going down:

We give all the programs a week to recruit players. Recruiting is only allowed to the extent that a school gets one opportunity to make a presentation to each player with which there is mutual interest. Presentations can be made by the coaches, or an official representative, like how Ole Miss could send girls in sundresses, and Arkansas could send the Razorbacks' student athlete development coordinator.

After the week is up, the show is televised on ESPN of course. The show is started by announcing all the players that are staying. The GameDay crew can host it the way we get them to host the college football awards ceremony in December. College Football Supreme Chancellor Mike Slive can be the announcer from the stage to introduce the players. Then, beginning with the upperclassmen, Slive announces the destination for each player. We use Slive, because let's face it, the players who aren't as interested in SEC teams will likely be paid off by SEC teams anyway. After each selection, the player's impact on his new team is analyzed by the GameDay guys. If a player wants to show up to make his own announcement, more power to him.

Fans would tailgate this event. Fan message boards are already analyzing the Penn State roster to try to figure out who they could get or who would be a good fit. It will be just like National Signing Day, only everything will be centralized, and no commitments will be known beforehand. It would be more highly rated than many games. Every college football fan will watch. Except probably for Penn State fans.

Would this be tacky, borderline classless, guilty pleasure television? Yes. But that's what made The Decision, The Decision. Just because something is completely unnecessary doesn't mean there's not a market for it.