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Knile Davis Seriously Injured At Practice

Here's hoping we see this sight again as soon as possible.
Here's hoping we see this sight again as soon as possible.

The Hogs' chances are looking good for the upcoming football season! We've got a stout defense, tons of playmakers at receiver, Tyler Wilson at QB and, best of all, darkhorse Heisman candidate and last year's leading SEC rusher Knile Davis to punish defenses with both power and speed.

*insert sound of needle scratching off record*

As of roughly 6:15 p.m. this evening, all bets are officially off: in a very, very unfortunate turn of events, Davis suffered what sounds like a pretty horrific leg injury. At this point, further details are unknown but the rumors flying around Twitter are definitely not sounding good...words like "screaming in pain", "major injury", "shattered", and "likely done for the season" are being thrown around.

I read through dozens of tweets, but nothing quite captured the ominous mood like reporter Barrett Sallee quoting a source that said Davis' scream was "so loud it will haunt us in our dreams." Yikes.

All of our hearts here at Arkansas Expats go out to Davis, by all accounts a great teammate and an extremely hard worker who was poised for a big junior season en route to an expected early jump to the NFL. Injuries are part of the game, yes, but when you think about the personal impact this is just terrible.

As far as how this affects the Hogs' chances this fall, only time will tell. One thing seems sure though - the chances for a potentially magical season just got a lot slimmer.