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Do We Want TEXAS A&M To Join The Club?

The rumblings continue about the prospect of Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 and heading east for the greener gridiron of the SEC. Things went to a new level of boil after this quote from Rick Perry, Texas Governor and former A&M Yeller Leader: " . . .conversations are being had." Vague, yes. But there's possible recognition that the people who could make this change are indeed talking. No word from Mike Slive or anybody connected to the SEC as of yet. Of course, this could all just be an Aggie move for more leverage in the Big 12. They aren't nearly as dumb really as all our old SWC jokes made them out to be.

I've put a poll down below to guage what the blog community here thinks about the prospect of Texas A&M becoming a member of the SEC. My own thinking is that I am fine with the SEC just the way it is. I don't really want to see the super-conferences. As a Baptist preacher might tell you, twelve was good enough for Jesus. And I think it a pretty good number for a football conference. haha. Yet, it is all about revenue and market expansion, right?

Another thought is that no other conference team has traditionally pulled more Texas recruits out of Texas than Arkansas has. Might Arkansas find it harder to recruit Texas if these same recruits can stay home and play for A&M? But, hey, 2-0 recently against A&M and a winning all-time record against them (40-24-3). We know how to beat these guys! Feel free to hash out the pros and cons of it in the comment section after you've placed your vote.