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Thanks, Coach, For Your Foresight

Someone whose image I can't recall gracing our blog very often or at all, but someone whom I think deserves a shout out today is Frank Broyles. Why today in particular? Well, if you've been keeping up with the recent college football rumors, it looks the Big 12 minus two, might very well be minus one more here shortly. How shortly? I don't know, but it looks like that game we play in Arlington each year against Texas A&M could become a conference game well before the ten year contract expires. With the way the Longhorns have been waving their you know what around in the face of the other conference members with the new Longhorn ESPN Network, the Big 12 looks about as safe and as secure right now as a London electronics shop. Top that simile, Wally Hall! haha.

Bobby Petrino, I believe, will be the coach that gets the Hogs their first SEC Championship, but that would not be possible if another red headed coach hadn't moved us to the SEC and gotten us off the sinking ship that was the SWC.  At the time, I thought it was a Greek tragedy that we were losing our rivalry with Texas, but I can see now that the move was worth the sacrifice. Otherwise, it is no telling what conference the Hogs would be in right now. Instead, we have the security of the SEC and the fairness of playing in a league where all the members benefit equally in revenue.

In all sincerity, thanks Coach Broyles for your foresight to take us to the SEC. I hope you can make it to Atlanta and your home state to see the Hogs lift up their first SEC Championship trophy, which I think could be as soon as this year. But as a longtime Hog watcher, I am sane enough to also say that I am glad you apparently have the genes of Methuselah! haha. Good choice in parents as well, Coach.