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Hog Call Podcast: Talking about the 2011 Razorbacks with Phil Steele

When talking with Phil Steele, one can be forgiven for wondering if he or she is chatting not with a man, but with a machine. The amount of football knowledge packed into his brain is simply astounding. We can't imagine that anybody on the planet knows more about the game we love than Phil.

In this episode of our "Hog Call" podcast, we chat with Phil, the editor and publisher of the annual Phil Steele College Football Preview and the proprietor of the excellent, about the 2011 Razorback football team and the SEC. Spoiler alert: Phil is high on the Hogs. A few teaser quotes:

* "I think Arkansas is now in the national title contenders role on a yearly basis."

* "This is clearly a great team."

* "They're at their strongest point that they've been at in quite some time."

Phil also predicts the Hogs to go 10-2 in the regular season, says Knile Davis could enter the Heisman Trophy picture if things break right and doesn't become Chicken Little when discussing the offensive line. To hear all of this and more, hit the play button on the widget below. Download the episode by visiting our show's home page, where you also can subscribe to the podcast by clicking on the orange RSS, the purple iTunes or the white Subscribe icon.