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The Great Mustache Debate


We cannot tell a lie: your fearless editors here at Arkansas Expats appreciate a good 'stache. Whether they're gracing the lips of actor Dabney Coleman, Hall of Fame relief pitcher Rollie Fingers or fictional parks department director Ron Swanson, mustaches have a certain way of saying, "I'm kind of a bad ass."

The history of Arkansas Razorback sports has seen its share of quality 'staches. Former basketball player Greg Skulman's, for example, was not shabby at all. But right now, the football program is home to two truly legendary mustaches: those of defensive end coach Steve Caldwell (above left) and defensive coordinator Willy Robinson (above right). In fact, we'd venture to say that no other college team can offer such a one-two punch. But such abundant facial hair offers abundant debate: Whose 'stache is better?

With yet another sleepy summer afternoon upon us, we thought today would be a good time to settle this debate. So vote in the poll below and pipe up in the comments thread. For what it's worth, I'm casting my vote for Caldwell's.