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What to Think Now of the Sugar Bowl?

If you haven't heard already, Ohio State has announced that it will "vacate" all of its wins from the 2010 season, including its 31-26 victory (oh, this still hurts to type) over Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl. This is a clear attempt to try to win some favor from the NCAA before they announce their own set of punishments. On the scale of self-punishments, I have to say "vacating" is more of a mild slap to your own face than a solid punch of any kind. I still expect a solid punch to come from the NCAA in the form of serious scholarship reductions and a bowl ban of one or two years. But that is still to be seen.

I've included a poll here to see what our readers now think of the Sugar Bowl and how OSU managed to play the Tat-Five with what we know now about the Tressel cover-up. When it was first announced back in December, I was of this train of thought: "I want their best players out there. Win or lose, no excuses." And I felt the same way immediately after the loss. But with what we know now? I have to say I am more sympathetic to the argument that the players should have been held out, what with their coach in on it too, and that Arkansas's likely win over a weaker OSU would still be a win and the circumstances would largely be forgotten in the grand scheme of things. What do you think? And feel free to elaborate if you wish in the comment section.