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This Just In - What the SEC Media Thinks

I'll start by saying that, of course, what the SEC Media thinks doesn't mean anything in the final standings. However, it is still interesting to take a reading of what the chorus is singing about in regard to the season ahead of us. And here is what they think will happen based upon their votes with some commentary of my own.

SEC EAST: 1. South Carolina / 2. Georgia / 3. Florida / 4. Tennessee / 5. Kentucky / 6. Vanderbilt - I think that pretty much represents the common wisdom of the moment. The media is probably counting on Garcia being back on the team. But I think if anything serious should happen to their bell cow, Lattimore, South Carolina can kiss a repeat as SEC East Champs goodbye.

SEC WEST: 1. Alabama / 2. LSU / 3. Arkansas / 4. Miss. State / 5. Auburn / 6. Ole Miss - Nothing truly shocking here either. But I also don't think the SEC media should be surprised if either LSU or Arkansas should win the west. I wouldn't be. And like most people, they don't see Auburn with all the players they lost doing much the year after their national championship run, sponsored by Cecil and Cam Newton. One person who is going to love this ranking is old Houston Nutt. He loves low expectations. That is when he is usually at his best. He'll play the "No Respect" card big time!

SEC CHAMPION: Alabama (98 votes), LSU (29 votes), Arkansas (18 votes), South Carolina (14 votes), and here are the true homers - Georgia (4 votes), Florida (2 votes) and Ole Miss (2 votes). So a Nick Saban defense trumps, basically, the departure of Julio Jones and Mark Ingram and the breaking in of a new quarterback for the Tide. We'll see. I have a lot of respect for Nick Saban's defenses and some for John Chavis's, but I also think Arkansas is going to bring something more to the table here on defense than it has in years gone by. I wouldn't be surprised if we are saying a few times during the season that our defense saved us in that game.

See which Arkansas players made the media's SEC teams after the jump. 


GREG CHILDS (WR) - 1st Team Offense - impressive considering he missed a lot of last season.

JOE ADAMS (WR) - 2nd Team Offense - also on second team special teams as punt returner.

KNILE DAVIS (RB) - 2nd Team Offense

GRANT COOK (OL) - 3rd Team Offense

ALVIN BAILEY (OL) - 3rd Team Offense

TRAVIS SWANSON (C) - 3rd Team Offense

JARIUS WRIGHT (WR) - 3rd Team Offense - glad to see him on a list, but I think this is an under-estimation.

JAKE BEQUETTE (DL) - 1st Team Defense - no surprise this.

JERRY FRANKLIN (LB) - 2nd Team Defense

TENARIUS WRIGHT (DL) - 3rd Team Defense

JERICO NELSON (LB) - 3rd Team Defense

TRAMAIN THOMAS (DB) - 3rd Team Defense - should be higher in my opinion and will show it this season.

ZACH HOCKER (PK) - 3rd Team Special Teams - Isn't it nice to have a good kicker?