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Hog Call Podcast: Talking Rotnei Clarke and Tyler Wilson with Robbie Neiswanger

It's the dead middle of summer, but with the transfer of three basketball players, the past couple of weeks have seen plenty of Razorback-related headlines. In this episode of our Hog Call podcast, Stephen talks about the Rotnei Clarke saga with Robbie Neiswanger, who covers the Razorbacks for the Arkansas News Bureau. Stephen and Robbie also discuss the incoming basketball recruiting class, Tyler Wilson, Knile Davis and the upcoming 2011 Razorback football season. Many thanks to Robbie for his time and insight.

You can listen by hitting the play button on the widget below. Download the episode by visiting our show's home page, where you also can subscribe to the podcast by clicking on the orange RSS, the purple iTunes or the white Subscribe icon.

Editors' note: Those who are insanely observant (and we use "insanely" deliberately - if you have noticed this, we're worried about your mental health) may have realized that we are now using a different service to record and distribute our podcasts. This means that if you had previously subscribed to Hog Call and want to continue to do so, you'll need to resubscribe.