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Harry King Unveils Predictions for 2011 Razorback Football Season

After recently gazing into his crystal ball, veteran Arkansas sportswriter Harry King is predicting a 10-2 regular season for the 2011 Razorback football squad. The two losses? Surprisingly, King doesn't see the Hogs falling to Missouri State, New Mexico or Troy.

However, he does foresee defeats at the hands of the Crimson Tide (by a score of 24-21) on Sept. 24 and the LSU Tigers (by a score of 21-20) on Nov. 25. King, whose forecast appears in the June issue of Hawgs Illustrated, doesn't predict which bowl game the Razorbacks will end up in.

King's predictions are sensible and make for good reading. In the end, of course, they are merely a prelude to the prognostications for which Razorback fans across the globe are awaiting with bated breath: those of our very own staff soothsayer, Rasputin. As we've said many times before, ole Raz is a frighteningly unstable man, and, true to form, he's been a mess this off-season. He's indulged in countless vodka-drinking binges and become involved in an emotionally volatile romantic relationship with Joy Behar. We're at least somewhat confident, however, that he will clear his head enough to formulate his 2011 predictions before the season starts. Stay tuned.

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