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Diamond Hog Update: SEC Tournament Results and WHERE I DON'T EAT CROW

If you're confused about the title, I was all prepared to eat some crow for my previous prediction that we would not host a regional. Well, the regional sites were announced today... and Baum did not get a bid. Now, this isn't me gloating. Truthfully, as the SEC Tourney wore on, I became more and more convinced that my previous prediction was incorrect and we were a "lock" to host. So, like many of you, I'm scratching my head at this decision.

Arkansas amassed a 38-20 record, with the #13 RPI and #17 SoS, and didn't get to host. You know who did get to host? The UCLA Bruins... with a 33-21 record, the #32 RPI and #34 SoS. Puzzling? You bet. A couple of pundits have already acknowledged that Arkansas (as well as probably a fewer other teams) deserve a bid over UCLA, and have even tossed out the idea of Arkansas being the #1 seed in the Los Angeles Regional. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

The Diamond Hogs went 2-2 in the SEC Tournament, with wins over Alabama and Mississippi St., and losses to Alabma and Vanderbilt. In both their wins, the Hogs were dominant. In both losses, the Hogs dug an early hole they couldn't crawl out of.

In the opening game against Alabama, starting pitcher Randall Fant didn't even make it out of the top of the first inning, as the Tide raced out to a 5-0 inning before the Hogs even had a chance to bat. The Hogs battled back in the middle innings, but eventually fell 4-7.

In the first game in the loser bracket, it was Arkansas who got out to a quick lead over MSU. The Razorbacks put it 4 runs in the the top of the first, and never looked back enroute to a 7-2 win.

In an elimination match with Alabama, the Hogs notched a 4-1 win behind the efforts of starting pitcher Ryne Stanek, who pitched 7.2 innings 2-hit baseball.

In the semifinals against Vanderbilt, the Hogs dug themselves yet another early hole. Starting pitcher Cade Lynch gave up 3 runs in the first two innings before finally getting pulled. The Hogs' relief pitching would hold the Commodores scoreless the rest of the game, but were eliminated from the tournament with a 2-3 loss.

So, again, no regional at Baum this year. There's still an outside chance that a Super Regional could be held at Baum (assuming the Hogs advance), but things would have to happen just so. The Razorbacks will almost certainly be a #2 seed in whatever regional they're assigned to. Texas, TCU, and A&M were all awarded regional hosts, so any of those are likely. Then again, based on the decision to award UCLA a regional over the Hogs, I wouldn't bet on anything. This could get interesting.