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Rotnei Clarke is Staying

In the 24/7 environment of the Internet, this news is virtually 4,000 years old (it was announced yesterday afternoon) but sharp-shooting guard Rotnei Clarke is returning to Arkansas for his senior year. So said new Hog head coach Mike Anderson during an appearance on the "Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly" radio show (note: subscription required to view the link). 

If you'll recall, Clarke, for reasons that have never been made entirely clear, asked for a scholarship release after John Pelphrey was fired. We here at Expats Inc. are pretty darn pleased with the news that Rotnei will finish his collegiate career in Fayetteville. Clarke is tremendously fun to watch, has worked really hard and has improved signficantly during his Hog career, yet he has had to labor through three largely dismal years. With a highly ranked incoming recruiting class and a much stronger head coach at the helm, next year could be lots of fun. And if anyone deserves to be a part of the good times, it's Rotnei.

(To listen to Bo Mattingly's interview with Anderson, click here.)