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Our Thoughts Are With You Tuscaloosa

This isn't directly Arkansas Razorback related, but we do share a love for SEC football with the people of Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia where storms have left nearly two hundred people dead in their wake. We Arkansans felt that wrath the other night when Vilonia was hit hard by a similar tornado to what you see in this picture. Yes, that is Bryant Denny Stadium in the background. I am sure Tuscaloosa is going to see happier days (but not for a few hours on September 24th, I still hope), but right now they are like many other places in the South this morning, digging out and cleaning up as well as mourning their loved ones who were here only yesterday.

You don't want events like this to give you the proper perspective on things, but maybe it will open the eyes of some in the South who have lost all perspective on where football fits in the grand scheme of life, that there is certainly more to this existence than beating Auburn or beating Alabama. Under our different SEC colors, we are all the same mortal beings who live under, let me quote a poet here, "an old chaos of the sun."

Our thoughts and no doubt many prayers are with you, Tuscaloosa. We also know that your good and helpful spirits are going to shine on with Alabama fans helping Auburn fans and vice versa in the days and weeks and months ahead. I recommend visiting Roll Bama Roll's SBN website for more information about the storms. Their pictures are sadly pictures of pure devastation.