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Storied Razorback, Buddy Bob Benson, Passes Away

I read in today's Arkansas Democrat Gazette where the throwing half of the famous "Powder River Play" and one of the  "25 Little Pigs" from the 1954 Southwest Conference Championship squad has died. His winning touchdown pass to Preston Carpenter at War Memorial stadium in a game against a nationally ranked Ole Miss team is considered by Hog scholars and historians as being one of the most important plays in Razorback history. It has been written in various tomes of Razorback history that the 6-0 win over Ole Miss was the game that really brought the whole state under the Razorback banner for good and set the stage for what Frank Broyles would later accomplish. Buddy Bob would later go on and coach OBU football from 1965-1995 and win championships there as well before retiring as Ouachita's athletic director in 1998. He was 77. Condolences from the Expats to the Benson family. Anybody on here with a memory of that era of Razorback football or more likely memories of stories told to you by your father or grandfathers, please share them in the comment section. Believe it or not, a day will come when the Ryan Malletts and the Darren McFaddens of our world will not be a living memory to many future Razorback fans. Thus the always present need for Razorback fans to keep the legends alive in memory, story, and lore. And blogs!