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Bobby Petrino: X's and O's

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that we typically go pretty light on X's and O's talk...our top-secret formula is more like "reference to classic Hog game/player from years past + goofy non-sports reference = success". But, that doesn't mean we can't appreciate deep tactical analysis when it's done well.

On that note, I strongly urge all of you football nerds to check out this post on the very excellent Smart Football site. In it, author Chris Brown extensively breaks down Bobby Petrino's use of what he calls "the best pass play in college football": the shallow cross. Very interesting to read how it works and then see it applied to real life game situations against Alabama and LSU. Plus, if you like X's and O's it's full of those, not to mention R's, Z's, Q's and plenty of other letters.

Warning: if, after reading this, you consider that this is but one play out of many that players must learn, your head might start to hurt a little bit.