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Wrapping Up the Red-White Game

Setting aside the initial cognitive dissonance of "nice spring day + Arkansas football on national TV", Saturday's Red-White game was particularly awesome for two reasons:

1. Football in the spring! It was like walking through the desert and suddenly being given a tall glass of ice water. (Unfortunately, it also reminded me how good ice water tastes, and that we won't be getting anymore for 4.5 months.)

2. It was on national TV! Not only was this excellent for me personally (believe it or not, Arkansas spring practice games are not usually broadcast in my part of California), it was almost immeasurably great for the Razorback brand. The Hogs are coming off a BCS season, play an exciting style of football and have a ton of skill players back for next year...getting this game on ESPN is a very nice validation that things are definitely heading in the right direction. Doesn't hurt recruiting, either.

KevinHog has already broken down the game in his own estimable fashion, but here are some quick thoughts of my own:

* Definitely a good day for Tyler Wilson. Is there anyone out there who would feel uncomfortable with him manning the QB position next year?

* Every yin has a yang, and it was definitely not a good day for Brandon Mitchell. Seems like everyone in the know loves this kid, and the idea of a Cam Newton-esque running QB at the helm of Bobby Petrino's offense is pretty enticing, but going 11-29 for 85 yards and three INTs doesn't help the cause.

* I'd never actually seen a Red-White game before, but the whole Civil War aspect can be confusing. Should we be worried about the offensive line or encouraged by the defensive front? Or vice versa?

* On the same note, I wasn't sure whether to be excited about Jarius Wright's toughness on his first touchdown reception or concerned by Eric Bennett Ryan Farr's tackling ability.

* Tramain Thomas is fun to watch.

* Nice to see Dennis Johnson, one of our favorite Hogs of the last few years, out there knocking heads again. And to see Ronnie Wingo knocking people around in a way he hadn't done much of before. Am hoping that Knile Davis isn't too slowed down by the new offensive line once the real games start, though.

* Also was nice to see Ryan Mallett, D.J. Williams and a bunch of other alums hanging around.

* Somebody needs to tell our WRs that they can't be the best receiving corps in the nation if they don't actually receive the ball. All those drops brought back a bunch of very unpleasant Sugar Bowl flashbacks. (Jarius Wright, you're excepted. You too, Greg Childs.)

* Lastly, props to the fans for showing up. Chris Bahn has crunched the numbers and reports that Arkansas had the 7th best spring game attendance in the country (8 of the top 10 teams were from the SEC, as you'd expect).