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Thursday Hodge Podge

A few good links to tide you over while you decide rather to pull for Red or White this weekend:

* With a top 10 recruiting class waiting for him, Mike Anderson really couldn't have walked into a much better situation for a new coach, and now Andy Katz is reporting that Ky Madden, Hunter Mickelson, Aaron Ross, B.J. Young and Devonte Abron are all on board for Anderson's "Fastest 40 Minutes in Basketball". Throw in Rotnei Clarke, who flirted with transferring and decided against it, and that's a pretty nice base to build on.

* As for the guy who recruited all those studs, he's rejoining Billy Donovan's staff as an assistant at Florida. Perhaps Mike Anderson will tell him thanks when the Hogs and Gators meet next year.

* The Hogs only signed one tailback in their 2010 and 2011 recruiting classes (incoming freshman Kody Walker), so finding a quality RB or three is a top priority for 2012. Luckily, there are a lot of good ones in the vicinity...AS360's Otis Kirk has the report on who might someday follow in the footsteps of Knile Davis, Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, etc.

* You might think that combining a love of the Razorbacks with the love of the Wu-Tang Clan into a single tattoo would be impossible. You would be wrong.

* Lastly, in the "too obvious to even make jokes about it" department, Nathan Stanley, once highly touted as Ole Miss' quarterback of the future, has left the Rebels. Remember when a popular meme in the media was that Arkansas had royally screwed up by letting Houston Nutt go and bringing that scoundrel Bobby Petrino instead? Good times.