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Happy Pro Day, Everyone

Van Stumon ladies and gentlemen!!
Van Stumon ladies and gentlemen!!

Today is the University of Arkansas Pro Day, meaning for one day only the top players will get to pretend they go to Auburn and get paid like pros former Razorbacks with NFL aspirations can show their stuff for scouts and team representatives.

Players will perform the standard drills - 40 yard dash, bench press, vertical jump, etc - and the cool thing is that this year the U of A will be posting the real-time results on their website. While all eyes will undoubtedly be on the likes of Ryan Mallett and future governor D.J. Williams, we hope that at least one NFL team in need of a human battering ram takes note of our own Prussian general, Van Stumon.

Best of luck to everyone who's participating.

Update: AS360's Chris Bahn weighs in with a report on how Mallett did today.