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Where Are You In Houston Nutt's Bullseye?

Go ahead and level the charge that this is a Razorback website and we shouldn't care about what Houston Nutt is doing these days. I know. But the headlines from across the river are just too good to resist, and the latest, (found originally on yahoo's Dr. Saturday blog) is pure our former coach.

It seems that discipline is something of an issue with his following (the answer to one thing a certain Libyan dictactor and Ole Miss's coach have in common, a better ground game than air attack being another), so Nutt has had to make a third grade wall chart for his Rebels in the form of a bullseye of the levels of trust within the Ole Miss football program. Gaylord Focker once found himself outside of the "circle of trust," and so can Joe football player at Ole Miss. As you can see, some names are already outside the inner-circle where people are "special" and "don't let go of the rope."

Funny, you know, that the first two layers of exile are Razorback red and white and the worse layer looks a lot like Mississippi State maroon. All of which presents the question of where certain names like Mitch Mustain, Gus Malzhan, and teams that use the forward pass effectively and the Arkansas Razorback fanbase (circa 2007) fall in Reverend Dante Nutt's circles of infamy. Probably somewhere way outside that locker room wall and close to the orbit of Saturn, I would guess.