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Arkansas Coaching Search Update: Mike Anderson and Some Other Guys

A quick report from around the interwebs as the rumors both heat up and become increasingly absurd:

* Mike Anderson continues to be the hot name, with Chris Lincoln of KTUL in Tulsa reporting rather definitively that the former Hog assistant will be introduced as head coach tomorrow. Dudley Dawson of Hawgs Illustrated, however, counters that there's no press conference, no deal in place and no final decision. When in doubt, we'll go with the local guy, but time will certainly tell.

* In what has to be the weirdest rumor yet, Sports by Brooks is reporting that legendary NBA and NCAA coach Larry Brown is looking to get back into the game and could be in the mix at Arkansas. Meanwhile, Dan Wetzel has written a lengthier article about Brown, noting that he hasn't yet spoken to Jeff Long but would be willing to do so.

* Challenging Larry Brown in the weirdest rumor department is UCLA's Ben Howland, who did once work for Jeff Long at Pitt. Still seems pretty far-fetched to us, but we do love wacky coaching searches and thus feel duty-bound to mention as many crazy options as possible.

* Meanwhile other fan favorites like Buzz Williams and Bill Self (speaking of absurd) are still active in the NCAA Tournament and thus are more off limits for now.