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Checking in on the Coaching Search

Hey, the Hogs need a basketball coach! Since Dana Altman is presumably unavailable, here's a quick look at where things stand with the other possibilities:

* The Razorbloggers weigh in with an excellent post breaking down the odds on each of the top candidates. If you're a betting man or woman, their early favorite is Mike Anderson at 2:1.

* Jim Harris wrote a typically insightful analysis of the situation yesterday, noting that John Pelphrey's timing in coming to Arkansas simply wasn't as favorable as Eddie Sutton, Nolan Richardson or even Stan Heath. Buried within is this ominous nugget of info about the heralded incoming recruiting class:

One of the recruits, maybe the one with the best basketball future and the most commitment all along to Pelphrey and Arkansas, is a near certainty not to be eligible. Two are said to be set academically, another may be but also had enough of a jump in his ACT score to be flagged by the NCAA Clearinghouse, and the fifth player is supposedly a point shy on the ACT from qualifying.

* Speaking of recruits, Otis Kirk of AS360 has the report on what B.J. Young, Ky Madden and the rest are thinking now that the guy who signed them no longer works at Arkansas. Good stuff.

* Tired of watching the games when you just know you could do a better job if you were leading the team? Good news! The university is accepting applications for the head coaching position (no joke), so get your resume and cover letter together and send it in.