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Saturday Hodge Podge: Special John Pelphrey Edition

John Pelphrey after the Razorbacks' loss to Tennessee in the first round of the SEC Tournament.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
John Pelphrey after the Razorbacks' loss to Tennessee in the first round of the SEC Tournament. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

As we all await word on the fate of the embattled head coach, here are a few Pelphrey-related links for you to mull over:

* Buyout in the Works? Check out this tweet from Robbie Neiswanger, Stephen Media's Razorback beat reporter, issued just a few minutes ago:

Aware of report about John Pelphrey's buyout paperwork being done. Arkansas has officially declined comment on the report

 * Take a Deep Breath. Stephens Media columnist Harry King urges Hog fans to chill a little, saying a decision on Pelphrey won't come until after this weekend.

* Who Are They? Stephens Media columnist John Brummett (we swear we're not on the company's payroll, although we'll gladly accept any donations that Warren would like to send our way) says part of Pelphrey's problem is a lack of brand identity:

The problem with University of Arkansas basketball is that it amounts to a major show business enterprise that has squandered its once-magical brand. It is Elvis without a hip, Dylan without a lyric, Michael Jackson without the moonwalk ...

How would you define Pelphrey’s coaching? I do not refer to his knowledge of the game or ability to instruct. I refer to questions that we are all qualified to ask: What theme underlies his coaching? What personality compels it? What do we popularly identify from it that instructs and inspires and gives confidence? It is 40 minutes of … what, exactly?

 * Travis Ford, Anyone? If he decides to fire John Pelphrey, Jeff Long may consider replacing the former Kentucky great with another former Kentucky great, specifically Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford. At least that's the thinking of Berry Tramel, staff writer for The Oklahoman newspaper, who notes the past history between the two - Long hired Ford to be Eastern Kentucky's coach and Ford once said that Long is "one of my best friends."

* Coming Back. Marshawn Powell says he will return to Arkansas and also endorses Pelphrey's return as coach (note: subscription required to view the link).

UPDATE, 2:54 p.m., EST: Dudley Dawson of Hawgs Illustrated, apparently in response to the buyout reports, has tweeted the following:

Arkansas head coach John Pelphrey has not been told of his future yet. He'll will be next week. But he has NOT been fired - at least yet.