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A Bad Start to a Big Weekend for John Pelphrey

John Pelphrey has a big task ahead of him this weekend: lead the Hogs to four straight wins and an SEC Tournament title or be subject to *a lot* of serious discussion about his future at Arkansas. That's not to say he's definitely getting fired if the Razorbacks don't win out, but the conversations will start getting pretty uncomfortable.

So, with a talented Tennessee team up first, it's safe to say that Pel already has a lot on his mind and doesn't need distractions like a CBS Sports article accusing him of violating NCAA rules. Gary Parrish posted a photo this morning of Pel with Sylvan Hills star Archie Goodwin, an apparent no-no considering the NCAA's bylaws about when prep stars can and can't be contacted.

While this hardly puts Pelphrey in Jim Tressel or Cecil Newton territory, it's not the kind of headline a guy fighting for his job wants to see. We also have to wonder how that photo wound up in Parrish's hands...could a member of the rather vocal anti-Pel faction have "helpfully" forwarded it along? The timing of this photo's sudden unveiling is certainly interesting.

The Hogs face the Vols at 6:30 p.m. today, Central time. More to come...