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Is the Starting QB Job Tyler Wilson's to Lose?

After setting more than 30 Arkansas passing records and leading the Razorbacks to new heights of offensive production, Ryan Mallett has left the Bobby Petrino and Garrick McGee with some very big shoes to fill. Although some fans are forecasting an effortless transition from one star to the next (see: Manning to Martin, UT 1997-98), it's the opinion of this blogger that there will inevitably be some bumps in the road along the way...Mallett is too good not to miss.

With nearly a full set of offensive skill players returning, next year's QB will certainly have the weapons needed to succeed, but that also means anything less than greatness from that position will be an opportunity wasted. Tyler Wilson seems like the clear front-runner, with visions of his amazing hot streak against Auburn dancing in everyone's heads (as opposed to his miserable showings against South Carolina or the early season cupcakes). Meanwhile, Brandon Mitchell is a popular choice among the "we haven't seen much of him but he's probably awesome" crowd, and Jacoby Walker and Brandon Allen remain even more mysterious options.

With that in mind, it has to be Wilson, right? Or will Petrino try a Spurrieresque platoon approach? Or will Mitchell (or Walker) dominate in spring practice and move to the front of the line? ESPN's Chris Low certainly is in the Wilson his rundown of offseason QB battles he barely even mentions Arkansas as having much of a decision to make.

What's your take? Vote in the poll below, then share your more in-depth scouting report in the comments section.